Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Paranormal Mystery - YA

E. M. Alexander
"Death at Deacon Pond"

Colchester, CT

A young woman's psychic ability entangles her in a chilling murder mystery that will keep teen readers guessing! Ever since her father's suicide, Kerri Langston has been tortured by visions of his violent death, leading her to believe that he was murdered. With no way to prove her theory, her psychic visions only serve to upset her mother and give her the reputation of being a "freak." When Kerri stumbles upon a body in the woods near Deacon Pond that she realizes her visions are not limited to her father's death, and that her strange connection with the dead might help solve a crime -- if she can convince the police to trust her this time. What Kerri doesn't know is that there is someone close to her who will stop at nothing to ensure that her visions remain hidden. In this small town full of skeptics, who can she trust? Readers will be drawn in by how the protagonist deals with typical teen issues like falling in love, having a dysfunctional family, losing a parent, and feeling isolated. These problems plague her almost as much as do her frightening visions of death, giving the book a strong sense of realism.

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