Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Kathleen Dolan (Bunte) "I NEED A FACE-LIFT! (Spiritually Speaking)."

Westport, CT

Kathleen J. Dolan is a New York actress and comedienne who takes her greatest pleasure in speaking. She delights an audience with positive humor and spiritual wisdom. With an early background in teaching, she went on to work for the Chicago Tribune as an Advertising Rep, simultaneously pursuing acting in regional theatre in the Chicago area. Like most actresses, she needed a "day job" and took on the management of an Employment Agency. She credits her background though—as a trainer with the Dale Carnegie Organization—as a major factor in giving her a personal vision. She is a genuine encourager and spiritual mentor.

While living in the New York area, Kathleen has done commercials, a few Off-Broadway readings, some TV movies, and a couple of Saturday Night Lives! She performs a humorous and uplifting "One-Woman Show," created directly from her new book, "I NEED A FACE-LIFT! (Spiritually Speaking)." Kathleen is presently living in Westport, CT with her husband. They have two grown daughters. You can contact her through her website at:

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