Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Meet the Authors from the Big E

Up Close and Personal with CAPA Authors.

Join the members of Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association as they meet with the visitors to the CAPA Bookstore at the Eastern States Exposition, better known as the Big E.

They urge you to Read Connecticut Authors.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Publishing Non-Fiction Yourself

Peggy Gaffney "Do It Yourself - Publishing Non-Fiction in Your Spare Time"

Cheshire, CT

Have you written a book? Does the thought of getting it published seem overwhelming? Would you like a simple, inexpensive solution that will allow you to publish your book in a short time, with little expense, and do it in your spare time? Then this is the book for you.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Historical Romance

Elaine Violette "Regal Reward"

Niantic, CT

York Blackstone has one obsession, to avenge his family’s destruction. The opportunity arrives when he stumbles upon the lovely Marielle Henley asleep beneath an ancient oak in the dead of night. Her obstinate behavior causes her to leave the safety of her father’s estate and fall into the hands of the ruthless highwayman. Marielle’s beauty and sauciness makes it difficult for York to keep his focus on the prize, a hefty ransom for her return, until he discovers that she can bring him something money can’t buy, his birthright, lost to him when his father was accused of treason.

Marielle’s fear and outrage at her captors turn into a torment of conflicting emotions while York’s cunning and invulnerable nature, hardened by life on the streets, is tested by Marielle’s alluring presence. Her demands to be freed begin to conflict with her unexpected attraction to her captor. She is unable to dismiss his contradictory behavior, one moment a tyrant, the next a gentleman, a much too attractive one at that.

Their relationship, at times, becomes heated with anger, at others, with passion. His previous resolve for revenge resurfaces, however, when he hears of her betrothal to Lord Craymore’s son, Richard. The news fuels his obsession for revenge. Regardless of his attraction to Marielle, York will stop at nothing or allow anyone, including his lovely captive, to divert him from avenging his father’s disgrace.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Kathleen Dolan (Bunte) "I NEED A FACE-LIFT! (Spiritually Speaking)."

Westport, CT

Kathleen J. Dolan is a New York actress and comedienne who takes her greatest pleasure in speaking. She delights an audience with positive humor and spiritual wisdom. With an early background in teaching, she went on to work for the Chicago Tribune as an Advertising Rep, simultaneously pursuing acting in regional theatre in the Chicago area. Like most actresses, she needed a "day job" and took on the management of an Employment Agency. She credits her background though—as a trainer with the Dale Carnegie Organization—as a major factor in giving her a personal vision. She is a genuine encourager and spiritual mentor.

While living in the New York area, Kathleen has done commercials, a few Off-Broadway readings, some TV movies, and a couple of Saturday Night Lives! She performs a humorous and uplifting "One-Woman Show," created directly from her new book, "I NEED A FACE-LIFT! (Spiritually Speaking)." Kathleen is presently living in Westport, CT with her husband. They have two grown daughters. You can contact her through her website at:

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Classic Literature

Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain) "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"

Hartford, CT

Perhaps the best-loved nineteenth-century American novel, Mark Twain’s tale of boyhood adventure overflows with comedy, warmth, and slapstick energy. It brings to life and array of irresistible characters—the awesomely self-confident Tom, his best buddy Huck Finn, indulgent Aunt Polly, and the lovely, beguiling Becky—as well as such unforgettable incidents as whitewashing a fence, swearing an oath in blood, and getting lost in a dark and labyrinthine cave. Below Tom Sawyer’s sunny surface lurk hints of a darker reality, of youthful innocence and
naïveté confronting the cruelty, hypocrisy,and foolishness of the adult world—a theme that would become more pronounced in Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Despite such suggestions, Tom Sawyer remains Twain’s joyful ode to the endless possibilities of childhood.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Literary Essays, Studies & Lectures

James Como "Why I Believe in Narnia: 33 Reviews and Essays on the Life and Work of C.S. Lewis" (foreword by Clara Sarrocco)

Reading WHY I BELIEVE IN NARNIA provides a panoramic view of C. S. Lewis' multi-faceted genius and its application in fields as diverse as social criticism and children's literature. WHY I BELIEVE gathers reviews and essays that span Prof. James Como's many years as a preeminent Lewis scholar, to which the author of Remembering C.S. Lewis and Branches to Heaven has added several new entries. Chapters range from reviews of critical books, documentaries and movies to evaluations of Lewis's books to biographical analysis. In addition to close-up looks,
Como reflects on the "big picture" of the most important contributions Lewis has made, not just in literature, but as a social philosopher and reformer. For the serious student of C. S. Lewis, WHY I BELIEVE IN NARNIA is an invaluable tool for appreciating the breadth and depth of Lewis' thinking.

John Granger, "The Deathly Hallows Lectures: The Hogwarts Professor Explains the Final Harry Potter Adventure"

The fastest-selling book in publication history, HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS was a critical success and is loved by fans around the world. In THE DEATHLY HALLOWS LECTURES, John Granger reveals the Potter finale's brilliant details, themes and meanings. Even the most ardent of Harry Potter fans will be surprised by and delighted with the Hogwarts Professor's explanations of the three dimensions of meaning in DEATHLY HALLOWS to include why Ms. Rowling chose to make Lily's eyes green, why Harry buried Moody's eye where and when he did, and why Ollivander prefers the three wand cores he does. Ms. Rowling has said that alchemy sets the "parameters of magic" in the series; after reading the chapter-length explanation of DEATHLY HALLOWS as the final stage of the alchemical Great Work in THE DEATHLY HALLOWS LECTURES, the serious reader will understand how important literary alchemy is in understanding Rowling's artistry and accomplishment. The other seven chapters explore, among other things, the five writing tricks Ms. Rowling uses to work her story magic, the deciphering of the "Triangular Eye" symbol for the three Hallows, Harry's "struggle to believe" in Albus Dumbledore, why Ms. Rowling revealed that she "always thought" of the Headmaster as gay, and the more than 25 echoes of her first book, PHILOSOPHER'S STONE, in DEATHLY HALLOWS. Did you wonder why Fred died in the end? Why Harry went underground seven times in Deathly Hallows? Granger explains how Ms. Rowling's story formula required these twists - - - as well as two trips to King's Cross and two meetings with Albus Dumbledore at story's end. John Granger, the Hogwarts Professor, has spoken about the meaning and magic of Harry Potter at major universities from coast to coast and as a Keynote Speaker at fan conventions in the United States and Canada. Enjoy these lectures to learn the ins and outs and fascinating depths of DEATHLY HALLOWS - - - information unavailable anywhere else!

Michael Travers, Editor,(Essays by Walter Hooper, James Como and others) "C.S. Lewis: View From Wake Forest"

C. S. Lewis: Views From Wake Forest is a collection of sixteen insightful essays that will delight both Inklings scholars and C. S. Lewis readers of all ages and opinions. Walter Hooper, for example, the man most responsible for preserving, publishing, and promoting Lewis' many works after Lewis' death in 1963, shares stories from his work with Lewis, Owen Barfield, Lady Collins, and other friends of Lewis in his essay 'Editing C. S. Lewis,' an inspiring tale as well as a landmark event in Lewis scholarship. James Como, author of Why I Believe in Narnia and a Keynote Speaker at the international conference from which these essays were collected, reveals the neglected C. S. Lewis, the cultural critic and public philosopher whose insights and thinking give Lewis' more popular novels and apologetic works their weight and value. Fourteen more Lewis scholars explore Lewis' invaluable social criticism, his philosophical and theological insights, his Narnia books and Ransom Trilogy, as well as his medieval imagination and mythological artistry. For the serious student of C. S. Lewis as well as for anyone wanting to understand the Narnian novelist and Christian genius more profoundly, C. S. Lewis: Views From Wake Forest is a book that will open up new dimensions and ways of appreciating his multi-faceted brilliance

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Paranormal Mystery - YA

E. M. Alexander
"Death at Deacon Pond"

Colchester, CT

A young woman's psychic ability entangles her in a chilling murder mystery that will keep teen readers guessing! Ever since her father's suicide, Kerri Langston has been tortured by visions of his violent death, leading her to believe that he was murdered. With no way to prove her theory, her psychic visions only serve to upset her mother and give her the reputation of being a "freak." When Kerri stumbles upon a body in the woods near Deacon Pond that she realizes her visions are not limited to her father's death, and that her strange connection with the dead might help solve a crime -- if she can convince the police to trust her this time. What Kerri doesn't know is that there is someone close to her who will stop at nothing to ensure that her visions remain hidden. In this small town full of skeptics, who can she trust? Readers will be drawn in by how the protagonist deals with typical teen issues like falling in love, having a dysfunctional family, losing a parent, and feeling isolated. These problems plague her almost as much as do her frightening visions of death, giving the book a strong sense of realism.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Patricia E. Roach "Now Is The Hour"

A Real Story, Letter by Letter, about Real People Caught Up in the Misfortune of War. Adventurous, army wife-to be, Ellen Anderson, launches herself into the turbulent skies of WWII charting a Connecticut to California cross-country course as she travels to rendezvous with and marry her handsome, army air force bombardier fly-boy, Alex Carlson, Jr. Only a network of letters written faithfully and carefully keeps Ellen and her family connected. Moving through the tumultuous years of war, the Andersons must confront separation, infidelity and even death - startling events that will shred the fabric of the family cover forever. NOW IS THE HOUR melds real letters with supportive narrative extrapolated from the letters' text to unfold a story that brings to light fresh and compelling images of this critical moment in time.

Howard Layton "Love and Sand"

Brookfield, CT

IT'S ABOUT FLYING It's about bombing, strafing and military mayhem in the deserts of WWII. It is also a story of love found and love lost. As a World War Two RAF flyer, the author presents his eye witness account of inspiring acts of bravery, skill and airmanship on the part of those who flew the planes and manned the guns in the battle that led to the Allies first decisive victory of the war: EL ALAMEIN. Interwoven with all the miltary mayhem, the author also tells the true story of his first wondrous love; of how he won her and how, through the fecklessness of youth and the exigencies of war, he eventually lost her.

Ursula McCafferty "Acorn Academy

Canaan, CT

Acorn Academy is a special place where humor lived. The antics of the children and a variety of animals will keep you laughing. the adventures of the author on her journey through life will bring a smile.

Cook Books

Cynthia Bercowetz "Unforgettable Recipes & Savvy Consumer Tips"

Bloomfield, CT

Great cooking and Great Consumer Tips! Unforgettable Recipes and Savvy Consumer Tips is the right formula to avoid consumer problems and learn the secrets from the kitchens of some of Cynthia's cooking friends. The consumer tips are based on the author's vast experience in helping people to learn about consumer issues. Her book Don't Get Ripped Off! Get Help! Tell It to George has helped hundreds to learn


Steven M. Reilly "The Fat Lady Never Sings: How a High School Football Team Found Redemption on the Baseball Diamond"

Seymour, CT

Football is life in the tiny community of Derby, Connecticut. But when three high school seniors allow a twenty-eight year winning streak to end, they are forever branded as “losers”. The three determine to seek redemption by playing on the baseball team, where they forever leave a mark on this small Connecticut town.
The Fat Lady Never Sings is the remarkable true story of the 1992 Derby Red Raiders as told by one of its assistant coaches, author Steve Reilly. The smallest school in the league, Derby qualifies for the state baseball tournament and ultimately advances to the championship game.
Under the towering lights of Middletown’s Palmer Field, the Red Raiders face off against Terryville. But in the last inning, the Raiders trail by two runs and are down to their final at bat. With one out remaining, the “fat lady” prepares to sing as the quarterback steps into the batter’s box…


Peggy Gaffney
"The Crafty Bernese Mt Dog Knits"

Cheshire, CT

Subtitled Knitting Projects for Dog Lovers, The Crafty Bernese Mt. Dog Knits is the fourth in author/designer Peggy Gaffney s Crafty Dog Knits series published by Kanine Knits. It tells about the Bernese Mountain Dogs and the activities they love. Peggy Gaffney then takes these activities and converts them into graphic charts that can be worked by knitters, cross-stitchers, beaders, or needlepointers. There are 25 charts within each book. Finally she has designed classic patterns for sweaters, hats, mittens, scarves, afghans, etc. into which these designs can be knit.
The designs include the Bernese Mountain Dog: Standing, Puppy in the Basket, Puppy Sitting, On the Mountain, Gaiting, Obedience, Sitting, Puppy in the Window, Agility, Carting, Head Studies, Jumping the Wall, Lying Down, On his couch, In a Christmas Wreath and more.
When writing about the Bernese Mountain Dog, she covers many topics such as: History of the Bernese Mt. Dog, Farm Dog to Show Dog, The Berner as Family Dog, Berner as Herder, Berner Goes Carting, Obedience and the Bernese Mt. Dog, Agility and the Bernese Mt. Dog, Tracking with a Bernese Mt. Dog, As Service Dogs, and much more.
With more than ten different styles of sweaters for adults in both men s and women s sizes from x-small to 2x, there is probably something that will appeal to you and there are five different styles of sweaters for children sized from infant up to children s size 12. All measurements are given in both inches and centimeters.
Gaffney has taken yarn and painted beautiful portraits of the Bernese Mt. dog in action that will warm the hearts of Berner lovers. She also goes into ways in which the hair of these dogs may be incorporated into the designs.
Author/Knitter Debbie Macomber says of these books,"Peggy Gaffney has introduced a new idea into the knitting re in for a real treat. "

Ann Jamieson
"For the Love of the Horse"

Kent, CT

This book is all about the beautiful and timeless bond between horses and humans. The true stories illustrate the many facets of the horse:human connection. The horse is seen as a teacher, as a therapist, as a friend and a family member. He is a partner in athletic pursuit, a friend who is there when no one else seems to care.
The book is not only for dyed in the wool horse lovers. It also serves as a bridge for those who love someone who loves horses, to help foster a better understanding of what that passion is all about. And for those who are just plain, animal lovers, it helps bring greater awareness of why horses are such special souls.
In addition I hope to accomplish a softening of the lines that so often divide various disciplines and breeds. Often we get stuck in our ruts--dressage is the only way to ride, or barrel racers are the only ones who have fun. I hope to cross those barriers, to help all horse people recognize that a good horse is a good horse no matter what its lineage or what its job is, and that we are all united by our love for this magnificent animal.

Self Help

Beth Bruno & Gina Greenlee "Postcards and Pearls"

Danbury, CT

Journey with Gina Greenlee and other women travelers as they share 118 postcards filled with life lessons learned while traveling on their own. Whether they drove to New Jersey, hopped a freighter to Bora Bora, or biked across Alaska, women from age 20 to 72 discover the joy of honoring their own rhythms, the confidence of knowing they can take care of themselves and the reward of making lasting life changes. Let Postcards and Pearls: Life Lessons from Solo Moments on the Road inspire a journey of your own - toward the best life you can imagine.

Tom Santos "My Son Todd & My Guardian Angels"

Pawkatuck, CT

How my life changed when I lost my only child, my son Todd, and how my friends and acquaintances helped my get back.

Pilgrim Life

Richard Radune " Pequot Plantation"
Brandford, CT

Pequot Plantation tells the exciting story of southeastern Connecticut in early colonial days. The adventures of many early settlers are followed as they journeyed from England to Massachusetts and then to Pequot Plantation where they shaped the destiny of the new settlement. These families made an incredible effort to establish homesteads and create successful communities. At the same time, Indian fortunes declined in spite of the support they gave the new plantation and the valiant effort the Indians exerted to maintain thier place in a changing world. This is their story as well.

William P. Muttart "One Hundred and Eleven Questions & Answers Concerning the Pilgrims"

Uncasville, CT

In years past, it was generally believed that the passengers on the Mayflower called themselves Pilgrims, were united in their desire to come to America to seek religious freedom, landed on Plymouth Rock, and celebrated the first Thanksgiving. Many people would be surprised to learn that all of the above commonly held beliefs are largely incorrect. This book will attempt tp provide objective information about some of these misconceptions and include some little known facts about the Pilgrims not usually found in other publications dealing with Pilgrim history." -from the book's introduction


David Garnes "After the War Was Over"

Manchester, CT

The poems in After the War Was Over depict a boy's childhood in post-World War II America. Focusing on everyday events, the author creates a world lived through the perceptions, observations and remembrances of a child. Holidays, family members, pets, food, toys, world events, death, books and movies...Incidents, relationships and experiences both mundane and profound are portrayed in a way that defines both the child and the era in which he was growing up.Several poems also explore the nature of these events as they are recollected in maturity, where they have become part of the fabric of an entire life. Memory thus serves to give new meaning to the adult the boy has become, as well as providing ongoing joy in the act of remembering. Readers of a certain age will identify with the world of a child growing up in the 1940s. Readers of all ages will relate to the inner life of the narrator as he experiences life as it was and as he remembers it.


Jan Mann "Crusing Connecticut With a Picnic Basket"
Glastonbury, CT

Cruising Connecticut combines an eclectic selection of places to visit with the fine art of picnicking. From hunting spring wildflowers to wine tasting — from hiking and biking on miles of trails to tubing and kayaking on our waterways — from city walking tour to country drives — from old homesteads to unique museums. And, who would think of picnicking in the middle of a shopping trip or at the theater!

Stacy Lytwyn Maxwell "Consummate Connecticut: Day Trips with Panache"

Green Farms, CT
pa·nache(n) dash or flamboyance in style and action: verve
Like no other guidebook, readers can appreciate a text packed with local color, treasured regional history, quirks and customs. The 350-plus-page paperback features popular attractions, myriad dining options, overnight accommodations, shopping venues, maps, photographs, index and so much more. The most up-to-date, comprehensive travel guide of its kind, it unveils the secrets (been to a shad museum or scuba swap lately?) that travelers can find in their own backyard—in 48 different jaunts that are less than two hours away!


Dennis Schleicher "Forbidden Love With a Married Man"

Glastonbury, CT

Describes one couple's journey as they struggle with sexual identity and how it conflicts with right and wrong. More than 4 million women are currently or have been married to either a gay or bisexual man. Often the gay spouse feels forced by societal and family pressures into marriage, suppressing his true feelings in order to be socially accepted by appearing "straight." However, in secret these men cheat on their wives by conducting affairs with members of the same sex. This day-by-day memoir diary includes actual daily e-mails and correspondence between the author, Dennis Schleicher, and his 14-year married boyfriend. Will his boyfriend leave his wife and confess to her his love and desire to live with another man, or will he be trapped in his own insecurities and not move to a side of life he has kept hidden all of these years, risking the loss of his potential "soulmate"? Every married and single woman and male and/or those engaged in a relationship will learn the truth about two loving people who are highly challenged to reveal their innermost souls in order to "survive."

Monday, July 14, 2008

Children's Poetry

Say It In Rhyme

Mollie Wilson "Duck Tape"

Farmington, CT

Duck Tape is a tale of a shy, lonely duck who finds love, fun and total happiness on his lake when he discovers a roll of duct tape. The tape winds through the book in colorful illustrations by award winning illustrator Toby Mikle. Mikle captures the essence of the tale in bright, simple illustrations. Duck Tape is an easy reader book in bright blue lettering done in rhyme which is sure to be a bedtime favorite. The whole family will enjoy this tale of fun and love written by award winning author, Mollie Wilson. This is her second children's book. Rhyme Time, her first book, is also available through Authorhouse.

Short Stories

A Short Story Author Joins the Group

Lynne K. Cote "The Long Road"

Guilford, CT

The Long Road sets thirteen stories in a world too often less than kind. A world which inclu
des Butte, Montana and New York’s Hudson River Valley, a Manhattan apartment and a Florida airport, a small college town in Pennsylvania and a hospice in New England. The characters—given a visual translation by artist Raffael DiLauro—are affluent and poor, young and older, black and white, married and widowed, immigrant and long bred American. For some, their regrets and the burden of their haunting histories are too great; but more often Cote allows for hope, for the everyday of carrying-on. Her twists and turns, and surprise, add a suspense to both ordinary and extraordinary circumstances; and carefully crafted, layered metaphors — as exemplified in the cover story of a man and a woman, and a dog and a kitten, walking the long road to divorce — bring a surreal quality to this debut collection.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Non-Fiction Books

Meet Some Non-Fiction Authors Who Will
Be At the Big E in September.


Dan Uitti "Keep Your Computer Alive"

Oakville, CT

Keep Your Computer Alive illustrates the need and tips for proper computer maintenance. The book is great for first timers, as well as people that have had computers for years, but are just now catching up with the latest problems like Spam, Viruses, SpyWare. The book illustrates the need for proper backups, surge protection. There are many tips, as well as a dictionary and set of thought provoking suggestions on why maintenance is important. Illustrated by Ted Hudson

True Crime

Shirley Bostrom "Funny - He Doesn't Look Like A Burderer (But Margie is Dead)

Marlborough, CT

It is estimated that three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends in the U.S. each day. If you believe this doesn't happen in middle-class, educated families you need to read this book.Shirley Pierce Bostrom shares her family's head-on collision with the tragic results of domestic violence with eloquence and stunning honesty. It was in 1996 that her daughter, Dr. Margaret E. Bostrom was stabbed to death by her husband.The book deals with Margie's tragic death, but also the family's dealings with the criminal justice system, their struggle to regain a normal life, and their growth into powerful advocates against domestic violence. With an introduction by David Kaczynski, brother to the Uni-bomber, Ted Kaczynski.


Ursula McCafferty
"Home is the Sailor, Home from the Sea"

Canaan, CT

Sail around the world on a sailing ship in 1898, spend WWI in a Prisoner Of War camp in Australia and dodge submarine Wolf Packs in WWII. Captain Erich Richter did it all.


Dan Uitti, "A Brief History of Lionism in Connecticut"

Oakville, CT

A Brief History of Lionism in Connecticut takes look at the Lions Clubs in this New England state and their service to the community. This collection of stories includes work within each community, as well as a number of examples of service worldwide. This includes eyeglass collections, eye research, low vision clinics, disaster relief following the Katrina Hurricane, an Ophthalmology Mission outside of the USA and the Opening Eyes program. 164 clubs in this state of 159 cities and towns submitted their story for this book.

The original edition of the A Brief History of Lionism in Connecticut was published nearly 25 years ago. This current collection of Lions information and colorful descriptions of Lions activities within the Multiple District far exceeds the scope of the 1983 edition. Not only is there a multitude of Lions facts and figures requested by so many of our members, the font used in this edition is larger and therefore easier to read.

This publication also includes a numerous personal observations bringing to life the importance of Lionism within Connecticut and throughout the world. Facts and figures are of abundance as the book includes information useful not only to the leadership but to all Lions Club members.

Robert & Fred Kerson "Sacred Stones Sacred Stories"

New Haven, CT

Design of the Urim and Thummim - found ! Ancient survey solves temple location on Temple Mount. Mesada surveyed by ancient Jewish system. The Rock on Temple Mount was shaped by using string. Hezekiah's Tunnel surveying explains mystery of construction. Ancient breastplate can explain a number of bible stories. Sacred words in four alphabets draw out sacred pictures. Kabbah holds proof of Temple's Location. Dome of Rock centered over Table in Holy Place. A single thread runs through three world religions. Psalms were edited by discovered pattern. King Herod's designated burial site shown by survey. Temple originally measured from Golgotha Rock

Consumer Protection
Cynthia Bercowetz "Don't Get Ripped Off!"

Bloomfield, CT
Cynthia Bercowetz's book, Don't Get ripped Off! Get Help! Tell it to George, reveals how to avoid identity theft, scams, con artists, bogus contests, and paying outrageous prices for anything!


Carol Keeney "Brand New Teacher"

Monroe, CT

A technique exists that allows a new teacher to handle a classroom like an experienced teacher would, and manage discipline successfully. Inexperience—not the teacher, is the cause for unnecessary discipline challenges in the classroom. Advice from colleagues, though well intentioned, can't substitute for experience, and that is why it doesn't work for the new teacher. Novice teachers must find out for themselves what works and that takes time. This technique empowers teachers to gain skills uniquely suited for them, instead of spending years using trial and error methods to get results. By practicing and applying simple exercises, teachers can transform their careers into satisfying experiences and end discipline challenges in the classroom, now.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

History & Adventure

Writing Historical & Adventure Fiction Is What These Authors Do

Gimple Lee "The Lost Prophets"
Derby, CT

Derby resident, Tim Conlon, recently published a book titled The Lost Prophets under the pen name of Gimpel Lee. The novel is a historical fiction set in the Naugatuck Valley and New York prior to the holiday season.

Roger Lee Crossland "Jade Rooster"
Fairfield, CT

China, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines of 1913 may be unfamiliar historic or geographical venues for a complex, nautical mystery, but Jade Rooster acclimates itself and showcases a solid, captivating flair for gripping, detailed, exhilarating fiction.

The author wields a unique literary sword, with minimal feints, within an intricate labyrinth of clues and barrels of fascinating data, naval and cultural. Descriptions by clothing, language, and character of heroes (clever, intuitive Quartermaster Hobson, his buddies Oyster Pirate, Tiger Cheng, buck dancer Jackson), simpatico mudangs (shamans), and various high- and low-lifes alike, are flawless. Action and script, occasionally horrific with everything from severed heads to sperm whale intestines "up or down current like scuttlebutt," is contextually appropriate.

Crossland's pirates/bandits/opportunists, in name or demeanor, are more Pirates of the Caribbean than the Mikado/ Penzance variety, but Wallace Beery, Popeye Doyle, Steve McQueen, and Orlando Bloom would blend-in with a theme song from Puccini by the Grateful Dead. After story-integrated brain teasing, tantalizing event and name dropping illusions, the author amiably serves up a summation of historical facts to help readers cull out the fictions.

Jay R. Worsham "Florida Freeze"
Kensington, CT

A flying Ford Mustang? When the government's latest secret weapon is stolen, agent Rick Fortune must recover it before it falls into the hands of the terrorist group Sword of Allah. Greed, betrayal and bad food plague Rick and rival agent Monique Mechante as they chase the car across South Florida and the African nation of Tambuta. And there is Rick's little problem. He is still a virgin, but is hoping that Monique will help him to ... well, you know. His plan might work, but only if they survive.

Young Adult Books

Meet the Authors of Young Adult Books

Jean Marie Rusin "Night of Terror"

New Britain, CT

At some point, you have to let go and trust your kids to take care of themselves-what's the worst that can happen.Right? So, when Tom and his wife leave their daughters to fend for themselves while they go out for nice dinner alone, their worst fear is that girls will burn their pizza rolls, or eat too much junk food. It's not what the girls are eating that should have them worried - but what might eat them.... Liz and Janet and Kelly think their biggest problem will be getting along with each other and keeping themselves amused, but when their dog "Lucky" begins barking furiously at the window, they get their first clue that this night may harbor something sinister, Little do they know the night of terror which lies ahead of them. Now with the Police on a manhunt for killer cannibals and a freak chemical spill in the area, the forces of horror are about to descend upon the town. Unimaginable nightmares are gathering on the streets . Eerie sounds- and far-off screams give the girls scant warning that they are in for the night - and the fight- of their lives. Fan of horror will turn a new page of action, adventure and terror as author Jean Rusin treats them to her grisly take on "home alone"in her newest tale "Night of Terror"! Lock your doors, turn on the night light and pray that you live to see the morning sun...

Carroll Thomas "Matty's War"

Farmington, CT

"MATTY'S coming!" Neely shouts as the train roars into Farmington. Sixteen-year-old Matty Trescott has just arrived from Kansas to live with relatives in Connecticut. It's Christmas 1863 and far to the south, the Civil War is raging. For Neely, though, the big news is that she and her cousin, Matty, will soon be off to school in Hartford. But unbeknownst to Neely, Matty has other plans... Matty's War is based on the life of one of the 400 women who fought in the Union Army while disguised as men.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Children's Books

Meet Connecticut Children's Book Authors

Cynthia Bercowetz

"Grandpa Herman's Petting Zoo"

Bloomfield, CT

A true story about animals at a former petting zoo at COPACO in Bloomfield, I will have a local farm bring over some of the animals that were similar to the ones in the book. They will be outside on our lawn.

Frances Gilbert "To Know The Sea"

Trumbull, CT

Far away in a mountain kingdom lives Isola, a little princess who longs for the sea. "No one from here has ever BEEN to the sea!" laughed her sisters, the royal advisors, and the ladies of the court. "It's ridiculous, impossible...forget about it!"

Elizabeth Faragher
"Off To The Fair"

Avon, CT

Join Megan Elizabeth on her visit to a country fair with her parents. In her discovery of the sights and sounds of the fair, she finds that she is reluctant to ride a pony. She unexpectedly makes a new friend and learns a valuable lesson.

Doreen Tango Hampton "I Like Gum"

Litchfield, CT

A rhyming picturebook recounting a young girl's likes and dislikes. The enthusiastic bordering on outrageous art emphasizes the sense of whimsy and pure fun that comes from the gleeful lyrics. "I like ice cream. But not in the sun. And not on my shirt. And not when it's done." A truly fun read-aloud book for parents and children, with simple text ideal for young people just learning how to sound out words on their own.

Buck Kalinowski "Cupid's Secret"

Wolcott, CT

Here is a beautiful, meaningful story you’ll want to read to your kids or grandkids, over and over again. Buck Kalinowski has given us a children’s book that not only amuses, it tells a story of love and compassion, and teaches a lesson of hope and enlightenment.

Cupid’s Secret is about an abused horse that nobody wanted. Farmer Buck saw her at a horse auction, small and sickly. He pushed aside her straggly mane and discovered a perfectly-shaped white heart right in the middle of her forehead. Farmer Buck’s heart went out to this frightened creature and even though he didn’t need another horse, he bought her and took her home.

The children at the farm named her Cupid because of the white heart and it was close to Valentine’s Day. The children started to train this lovable mare and with courage and determination, Cupid went on to win the blue ribbon at a horse show. Cupid then decided it was time to share her secret. She told Thunder (the horse in the next stall), “I’m in foal and will soon be delivering my baby.”

In a transformation of this horse’s self worth, she gives birth to a colt that carries another unique mark that paves the way for his future. You see, the colt had a perfectly shaped arrow on his rump, as perfect as his Mom’s heart. Cupid’s Secret is a delightful story of love, trust and prayer.

Janet Lawler
"A Father's Song"

Farmington, CT

How do fathers show their love? Usually, with a lot of activity! It is those special, fun-filled moments that I wanted to capture with this story. The warm and lively illustrations of Lucy Corvino are a wonderful complement to the text of A FATHER'S SONG.

Join in as a father and child romp in the park – going on the slide, playing tag together, roaring like bears, and splashing in the water. And what dad hasn't flown their child around “like an airplane that swoops…making wide loop-de-loops?”

This book celebrates the universal love that fathers share in very special ways with their children. It makes a great everyday gift for a special youngster, and a wonderful gift for Dad from a child.

Linda Machado
"How Harwinton Got His Middle Name"

Meriden, CT

Harwinton Bear and his friend, Bumper Rabbit, live peacefully in The Dark Forest until a terrible fire destroys their homes and separates them from their families. Believing their families escaped the fire, the two friends set out to find them. Their long, sometimes difficult journey leads the two through many adventures and to a surprise, faith-building conclusion.

Glenn Shapiro - Author
Ben Quesnel - Illustrator

"Sarah Walked To School"

Windsor, CT

Sarah awakes for the first day of school and declares her intention to walk to school alone..

Lorraine Strenkowski
"How T
all Is a Giant?"

Lebanon, CT

"How tall is a giant? Have you ever asked yourself? Find out how author Lorraine Strenkowski answers this simple childhood question.

So many times children create fearful images in their minds, and in their rooms; all the while forgetting the difference between pretend and reality.

"How Tall Is A Giant?" encourages the young reader to change scary into silly, negative into positive, and enforces the concepts of imagination and pretend.

With vivid illustrations, this engaging story reminds us all of the simple phrase 'mind over matter.' "

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mystery & Suspense Authors

Meet these Mystery & Suspense Authors
at the CAPA Booth
in the Connecticut Building

Frances Gilbert "Where Is She Now?"

Trumbull, CT

Rosemary wants only to feel the calm promised in the hymns of her childhood, she wants to 'lay down her burden and enter in.' Cradling her green pocket book wrapped in an old green shawl, she wanders through her daily life with her husband Brian, her traumatized self, and her alter ego, the bossy and competent Anna. Something has happened in the past, centering on her baby, but Rosemary can't quite remember what it was. And where is the baby now?

As she oscillates between rational and delusional spells she seeks validation and support from the inanimate objects around her, the cups on the shelf, the knobs on the bedposts, the books in the bookcase, and the houses lining the streets. In her conversations with them we see a Rosemary who is not quite as deranged as she seems, and a Brian, not quite as supportive as he would like to have you believe.

The book is set in a fictional amalgam of two small English towns.

Rosemary Harris "Pushing Up Daisies"
Pushing Up Daisies
Stamford, CT

Thirtyish former television exec Paula Holliday relocates from New York City to sleepy Springfield, CT, determined to turn her passion for gardening into a new, less stressful career.

When an eccentric spinster dies, her landmark property is left to the local Historical Society, and Paula sees the garden’s restoration as a way to get her fledgling business off the ground. She’s prepared for everything, but not for the mummified baby she digs up her first day on the job. After a cursory investigation, the local police decide it’s an old secret, not a recent crime, so they drop the matter, but . . . Paula’s not so sure.

Casual snooping turns serious when someone is impaled on a garden tool and one of Paula’s helpers is arrested for the crime. Aided by the still-hot aging rocker who owns the local greasy spoon, a Shakespeare-quoting massage therapist, and a handsome Mexican laborer with a few secrets of his own, Paula unearths more dirt the suburban town has kept buried.

Rounding out the cast, and among the suspects, a randy Congressman and his gin-swigging mother, an amoral newspaper reporter, an octogenarian ladies’ man, childhood sweethearts reunited after 50 years, and a tattooed lady you wouldn’t want to mess with.

Jerry Labriola, MD

"The Strange Death of Napoleon Bonaparte"

Naugatuck, CT

American historian and international treasure hunter, Paul D’Arneau, fired from his lofty university position, is commissioned by the Parisian Gens de Vérité to determine if Napoleon was murdered. If so, how and by whom? Excursions to the islands of Elba and St. Helena reveal more than Paul bargained for. What takes him to a French monastery? To Volterraio Castle? How does the Mob know of his every move? Where do arsenic and DNA fit in? Or the mysterious Lady Beckett? Despite deadly skirmishes and long odds for success, what convinces him to press on?

The Strange Death of Napoleon Bonaparte is that rare suspense novel that entertains, enlightens and provokes, with a story line bolstered by slices of authentic history––and by a fair share of forensics, too. Even before reaching its stunning climax, the reader cannot help but wonder about what other things may have been lost or distorted in the sweep of that history.

Carole Shmurak "Deadmistress"

Farmington, CT

Sabena Lazlo, the headmistress of a posh private school for girls has been found brutally murdered in her office. When professor and educational consultant Susan Lombardi learns that her close friend John has been accused of the crime, she wastes no time setting out to clear his name. While doing so she uncovers some troubling secrets about the school’s faculty and staff, and it soon becomes clear that John is definitely not the only one with a motive for murdering the “deadmistress.”

Deadmistress is the first book in a series featuring Dr. Susan Lombardi, a 40ish professor of education at Metropolitan State University, in Albion, Connecticut. Deadmistress is a lighthearted, traditional mystery with a murder in a close-knit community in which almost everyone has a motive for wanting the demise of the victim. Its heroine is part of a long tradition of academic sleuths.

Terry Finello - "Absolute Vengeance"

Burlington, CT

Prominent real estate broker and investment councilor, David Portsmith, is found dead in the hotel room where he has just made love to his mistress, Elaine Morris. Feeling honor-bound to conceal her affair with the victim and protect his reputation, Elaine must now investigate the murder, without jeopardizing her career or her relationship with John 'Clay' Claymore. Conspiracy, intrigue and deception surround the ever-growing list of suspects.

If you are a fan of crime drama, detective stories and exceptional mysteries, where the plot twists and the characters captivate, then ABSOLUTE VENGEANCE is one book you won’t want to put down.