Sunday, July 27, 2008

Historical Romance

Elaine Violette "Regal Reward"

Niantic, CT

York Blackstone has one obsession, to avenge his family’s destruction. The opportunity arrives when he stumbles upon the lovely Marielle Henley asleep beneath an ancient oak in the dead of night. Her obstinate behavior causes her to leave the safety of her father’s estate and fall into the hands of the ruthless highwayman. Marielle’s beauty and sauciness makes it difficult for York to keep his focus on the prize, a hefty ransom for her return, until he discovers that she can bring him something money can’t buy, his birthright, lost to him when his father was accused of treason.

Marielle’s fear and outrage at her captors turn into a torment of conflicting emotions while York’s cunning and invulnerable nature, hardened by life on the streets, is tested by Marielle’s alluring presence. Her demands to be freed begin to conflict with her unexpected attraction to her captor. She is unable to dismiss his contradictory behavior, one moment a tyrant, the next a gentleman, a much too attractive one at that.

Their relationship, at times, becomes heated with anger, at others, with passion. His previous resolve for revenge resurfaces, however, when he hears of her betrothal to Lord Craymore’s son, Richard. The news fuels his obsession for revenge. Regardless of his attraction to Marielle, York will stop at nothing or allow anyone, including his lovely captive, to divert him from avenging his father’s disgrace.

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